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A good health in a broad sense is the best guarantee for a high quality of life. Who supports you to keep it high actively? Your partner, friends, colleagues? Is it possible to discuss about everything with them, also in bader times? Can you expect from them expertise concerning health?

Only few persons can give names or respond positively. The ongoing trend towards individualization is building invisible walls around us. Unfortunately it is quite rare that we may trust a person in naive carefreeness.
feeltop offers such a trustworthy and competent sparring-partner to you. Get acquainted with him during a day-long Health Conception process and decide whether you are compatible or not. If yes, you already own the basis for an ongoing Health Coaching: Your coach already knows you and your situation, he can understand you and has developped with you your next aims concerning health.

Via e-healthdoc you are connected with each other electronically and well protected. It is upon you to decide whether the role of the coach has to be played actively or passively and to which extent. A good friend on demand and without any further obligations, just for you! Book for a Health Conception or simply write a short e-mail. You will never regret this step.

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